Overview: Belonging

The goal of Belonging: is the Nest Always a Home? is to raise awareness of an important, yet hardly discussed, issue facing colleges and universities throughout the country. Indeed, suggest that “The problem of the twenty-first century is the problem of “othering.” In “The Problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness and Belonging,” powell and Menendian continue to reveal that othering—the process which results in feelings associated with a lack of belong—“is a term that not only encompasses the many expressions of prejudice on the basis of group identities, but we argue that it provides a clarifying frame that reveals a set of common processes and conditions that propagate group-based inequality and marginality.”

Saint Joseph’s University community is not isolated from the crisis of othering and feelings associated with a lack of belonging. That is why we chose Belonging as a subject: to give voice to the population of students, faculty and staff who feel as if they do not belong on campus and make others aware that there is a significant percentage of individuals on the campus—classmates, floor-mates, and co-workers—who feel as if they don’t belong.

Our vision for this project is to draw attention to the issue of belonging within the SJU community and in addressing the issue, finding ways to solve it. We hope to make the campus more inclusive, open, and more receptive to one another.

Please see our stories on the Belonging: is the Nest Always a Home? and join us in sharing your story using the #StartTalkingSJU hashtag.